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The Continental Bulldog is a very charming, affectionate Family dog. His owners love and praise his calmness at home but on the other hand he is very adventurous, resilient and full of cheerfulness on Outings. The "Conti" is eager to learn and loves to go to dog school. He especially likes following up tracks but he also accepts readily obedience lessons - which means that he is well suited to be educated as companion dog or for mantrailing etc. With effective training he will also be good as therapy dog because generally he loves body contact and likes to be caressed and touched.


The Conti is also enthousiastic about agility training but then he is not as agile and fast as other more lighter breeds. A certain doggedness - if he absolutely does not want to do something - cannot be denied and he would never submit to a "zack-zack obedience".


However, it is of great importance that the Continental Bulldog - apart from sufficient exercise - will be challenged also mentally as he rather wants to be active than a Couch Potato even though he also likes that.